The Ultimate Dipper

You must get past the notion that endives are only for salads and braising. This is a false misconception. They make an excellent party companion! You can replace those fattening chips, tortillas and “club” crackers (biscuits!) with crispy endive leaves.

They work well for dipping in saucy concoctions. They serve up great with some filling, little barquettes (mini flat bed boats). They make perfect “scoopers” for the ‘meaty’ dips. They can take on hot or cold accompaniments. Since they don’t wilt easily, you can prepare them well in advance, cover with plastic wrap then let them chill out.

Women will love you for serving something so low-carb and calorie friendly with drinks before dinner Men, I don’t think would really care as long as they are loaded with something hearty. *ha-ha*

Finally, they are a winter vegetable and e a welcome change to heavier dipping accessories in winter.

A few tips:
Peel off leaves outside to inside, removing the bottom with a knife.
If your endives is rather large, cut it in two through the center and serve both ends of the leaves.
Choose small endives whenever possible; the smaller, the less bitter.

Next on the Menu, a wicked 3-Cheese Dip that you can slather down the middle of these dippers, on crackers or celery.


Anonymous Alison said...

That's just about my favorite way to eat endives. Although I did have a tasty gratin d'endives au jambon the other day...

Nah. Raw endives dunked into a creamy dip -- that's the way to go!

9:59:00 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Yes, raw with bleu cheese or Roquefort, nuts and hearts of palm... As for the gratin d'endives, my colleague makes a killer version. I never make it because husband, A., finds cooked endives bitter, a trauma from his childhood...*sigh*

11:12:00 AM  

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