Starting the Weekend off on the Right Foot

Throughout the entire weekend at my in-laws house, I spent most of it trying to capture the ambiance on camera. Here is a little walk through of Saturday Night. (Unfortunately, the battery died on my Sunday noon, so I caught a few images, but not all of them. They'll be in the second installment.)

Pink Bubbles. Nothing compares to pink champagne. It's delicate nez and fine bubbles is an elegant toasting companion.

Préfou. A Vendéen tradition, garlic butter and freshly cracked pepper bread. the story behind how it got it's name is that the baker would test the heat of the oven by placing this pre- four (French for oven) flat bread on the edge of the oven. When it was cooked, the oven was hot enough to start baking bread. The flat 'tester' bread was then slathered with butter and garlic and eaten by the baker and his apprentis. Today, the name is just prefou. (Not it's not bread for crazy people).

Toasted in the oven, it's a sinful appetizer. Around where I live, it's also served with the meal like we'd serve garlic bread, though the country-folk around here don't consider it an 'Italian' thing.

Foie Gras fait maison. I love homemade foie gras. It's not difficult but difficult in the way that you cannot sample or taste your foie gras after you've seasoned it. This is where the master chefs distiguish themselves from the amateurs: how salted did you make yours. I have a recipe calling for 7 gr of salt. 7! That's like two sheets of paper. I'm not very metric to begin with, but when you throw in less than measurable amounts, I'm really out of of the game. My metric scale starts at 100 g which is a pittance in the weight department. My husband usually salts our foie gras and stands there holding an enveloppe (weighs 20 g) and the salt granules in the other hand. Comical.

This is my MIL's foie gras that she made for us. Very meaty, and does melt like butt-ahr on you tongue. Little brioche toasts for the accompaniment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear that you're moving closer to having 1 foot in the grave with your 34th birthday coming up this Sunday. Did you happen to call your brother on his cell phone to wish him a happy 36th birthday today?


3:40:00 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Darest brother, thanks for leaving your name! *lol* If I've got one foot in the grave with my upcoming bday then (since you're older) you've got two in the grave? *lol*

8:15:00 PM  

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