A Sixties Meal... A la UK

Wednesday night were invited round for tea at our English neighbour’s house. Here on holiday for a week long break between teaching terms, our English neighbours make plenty of trips during the year to our ‘neck of the woods’.

I digress. It’s great having English-speaking neighbours, for moi that is. It’s excellent of course of the children, practicing their English when French surrounds them. It’s a perfect opportunity for my husband to also practice his English, which he speaks very well, (thanks to marrying moi!). Usually he doesn’t speak to me in English (well…ever!)

With the English being a bonus and a little mix of, ‘we hit it right off from the beginning’ means that we try to see as much of each other while they are here. Translation: cramming several meals into one week. Since we never have a dull moment, and having known each other for 8 years, we look forward to their arrival and it inspires my creative cooking juices.

Return from digression. So, we were invited round for tea. Now this wasn’t to drink hot tea with lemon sticking our little pinkie fingers out as we sipped. No, being invited around for tea by Yorkshires means that we’ve been invited for dinner. Ah, better.

They had decided to try out a lovely recipe from Delia Smith’s Fish Cookery Book: Luxury Fish Pie with Rosti*. Hmm, sounded delicious. But upon our arrival they announced that unable to find the correct ingredients in French (they had to translate from English to French), they had to make another dish, veggie lasagne (my personal favourite by them.). You see, I am not good at lasagne so it’s always a treat to eat it chez les autres, at other people’s houses.

Their theme had been a ‘60ies meal and minus the luxury pie, that is exactly what we had: Prawn Cocktail, Veggie Lasagne with garlic bread and Banana Splits for dessert. It was a lovely meal. Without further ado, I give you the photos to enjoy them meal with thy eyes.
*Since they couldn't find the correct ingredients for the pie whilst out doing the shopping, I agreed to make the pie for them on Friday night when Alison and kids came for the weekend. Luxury Fish Pie Story to be Continued...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what no Black forest Gateau!? It all we ever ate for desset in the 60's

10:46:00 PM  

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