Reflection faite...

After a few moments of thought and a batch of crepes later, a few thoughts that ran errantly through my mind:

1. Always use an extremely HOT skillet! Non-stick and vegetable oil that you spread with a paper towel

2. Crepe number 1 will always be a FAILURE! Expect nothing less.

3. You think you can eat at least a dozen crepes, but with a little filling, 3-4 is a maxie

4. Make sure your batter is really liquid. If the crepes stick to the skillet, then you need a bit of vegetable oil in the batter. If you can't swirl the batter around quickly and easily, then you need a bit more milk (not water!) in the batter (1/4 cup)

5. Nutella is a must when you're preparing dessert crepes. I mean, there is no SUBSTITUTE. Pay the price, reap the rewards.

6. If you can't get cidre, then substitute beer. Or if you don't drink alcohol, use sparkling cider. Serve with the savory and sweet crepes.

7. You will burn your fingertips. You have to use your fingers to flip the crepe (unless you're a professional crepe turner or Breton!) It's one of those suffer for a purpose un mal pour un bien.

8. Want to invite people around for an hour or so but don't want to entertain entirely, then invite them for an afternoon snack of crepes. Make in advance. Serve in one go, and then see them off. Two hours max. (depends on how much coffee you make afterwards).

9. How much filling? Not much, two tablespoons of whatever is enough.

10. What to do with leftovers? ... I have no idea, we've never had any!


Anonymous bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

Very good observation Anne! Le royaume des crepes!! I love to make and eat crepes! Never any leftover? Ahahh, I can see this easily! Do you sometimes make galettes?

2:11:00 PM  

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