I luv Eggs, At Any Meal

Confession : I like Eggs.

Confession Correction : I LUV eggs!

Give them to me scrambled, sunny side up (oh, what do you Brits say for this? !!), over easy, baked, hard boiled, soft boiled, in a quiche, à plat on a hamburger, pizza or crepe (ok that is really French!) or on toast, I love to eat eggs. (And no to you Dr. Seuss readers, I do not like green eggs and ham because Sam I am… NOT!)

Eggs have taken a beating (*LOL*) over the last two decades. First, everyone ate them, several times a week or daily for breakfast. Then they got that bad rep for being the kings of cholesterol. Then they were OKed back to being edible. Then came the low-carb diets glorifying eggs once again.

Frankly, I don’t care. It's not that I don't care about my health, or that of my family's. It's just that the other reasons outweigh the health issues. (Mind you, I don't have them for every meal though the low carb diets telling you to eat only eggs and tomatoes for breakfast have a lovely appeal to myselt... We limit our egg consumption --outside baking-- to 1-2 meals a week).

They’re good, their cheap and our grandparents ate them all the time because they were ready available food. I had 2 of my 4 grandparents live past the age of 90 and the same for my husband’s side of the family. And they have no egg-issues, se what I'm getting at here?

Plus, you can't deny that they're fast! Most egg recipes cook quickly. An omlette is ready in under 10 minutes. Sunny side up eggs only take a few minutes. [Raw, sucked right out of the shell by piercing a hole at either end of the egg is even faster. but quite gross! And a practice I never employ.]

It seems to me that every French cookbook with color art in it, has a picture of this: les oeufs à la coque avec ses mouillettes. [This is where the eggs get me every time.]

Soft boiled eggs with their [butter slathered] dippers. Every time I pass one of these pictures, my mouth starts to water and I think, “Oh, and if we had eggs tonight?”

With a smattering of fleur de sel Sea salt, fresh crusty bread that you’ve toasted and buttered then sliced into finger long dippers, and 3 minutes boiling water: le diner est servi! Husband, children and even the dog are happy diners.

If you want to round out the meal or you're looking for some kind of health-conscious addition to the meal: salad. Any kind. Mixed greens, a Garden veggie or a Greek Salad... Anything works here. Of course that is just one option. Other options are bacon (fried to crisp thank you very much) or hash browns, fried potatoes, American buscuits and gravy (here I'm starting to digress into American breakfast...).

My point is that anything goes with eggs. They are perfect when you want a satifying meal but no hassel in the kitchen. And a message to you Americans, "They aren't just for breakfast!"

Tips: use fresh, fresh eggs.
**The fresher the better. This is not a problem in rural France where your neighbour or the little lady down the road has their own chickens and they’ll sell you some eggs for deux fois rien.
**Bring water to a boil first then add eggs; use a very precise timer. 3 minutes maximum.
**Buy little egg holders or cut them out of the egg container for serving.
**Use European (salted) butter for the mouillettes.
**Use back end of spoon or pointed knife to ‘pierce’ yoke before dipping.
**Don’t forget a pinch of fleur de sel sea salt and a crack of fresh pepper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people attribute this quote to Mike Tyson but it actually is from Billy Crystal (actor,comedian)

I likes eggs, especially ovah easie eggs, I likes dem in waffless.

If you don't like Green eggs and ham, how about Green eggs and spam?
Would you like them in France or would you like them on your pants?

I'm a poet and didn't even know it.

8:48:00 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

I'm taking a rick here and assuming this is my brother Mark here. And, yes, you know this comes from the Billy Crystal sketch that we used to listen to all the time! "Well Howard, I likse eggs. I like them ohver eesee..." I wasn't sure it was Mike Tyson seeing as the sketch dates back to the early 1980's.

As for the Green eggs and ham, I must say that I've always HATED spam whether in a can on in my email box! So no I wouldn't like Green eggs and Spam.

As for would I like them in France, the eggs, yes. the span? not in this lifetime.

Even a poet and you don't know it. It would be nice to please sign in each time... Shakespeare!

Love your sis! :-)

9:31:00 PM  

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