Weekend at the In-Laws

We are headed to La Rochelle for a lovely weekend with my husband's très français family: his parents (MIL who's a fabulous cook) his two sisters and their partners. What lies ahead of us? Good food, good conversations, good wine and lots of laughter. (I am hoping that what I once read about laughing full out for 10 minutes is like running for 30 mintues. I'll need to calorie burning!)

It's snowing so the mood is festive.

With Fabulous Cook for a Mother-in-Law, I'm toting the camera and notepad. I hope to have lots of food for fodder here upon our return, that is, if we make it back. She's a true French cook, she doesn't dévoile* her secrets. I'll have to fish it out of her.

Wish me lots of bon courage**, I'll need an extra stomach and some sly tactics to get those recipes...

And that haggis story will have to wait for next week.
dévoiler - to reveal
bon courage - good luck!


Anonymous t'as trouvé combien à l'équation ? said...

Et bien bon courage alors !
Mais il y a des épreuves plus difficiles !
( le marathon de la Rochelle par exemple )

3:30:00 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

mais oui le marathon, et le semi marathon! Mais j'ai le temps, c'est en novembre!! whehoo encore 10 mois pour l'entrainement! si tu veux en faire avec moi?

3:47:00 PM  

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