A Peak at a Week at Anne's Dinner (Sometimes Lunch) Table

This is a hoge-poge of pictures of the recipes for a blog entry.

They are of dishes we have enjoyed over the past week. A few comments and preparation tips tossed in along the way.

I thought it'd make for a nice change of pace, blog-wise. (Especially now that I'm no longer feeling funcky and that Gastro thing seems to be washed away with today's dousing of eau de javel- a.k.a. bleach!) *LOL*

This is the white bean dip I made on Saturday night. Though tasty with tortilla chips (my personal favorite and weakness), I felt it was missing something: heat. So I warmed it up in the microwave and voilà! I used the leftover dip, hot and bubbly, as a dressing on our cuke, tomato and lettuce salad for lunch on Monday. Hmmm

This is a salad idea or first course idea that I got from my friend Natalie. Sometimes we'll go round to their place on Sunday evenings and have a low key, eat-in-the-living-room, kind of dinner. She loves vegetables like me and is a real pro at presenting a colorful, tasty veggie plate like this one for starters (She'sFrench it's innate!). Here I used what I had on hand: tomato, avocado, artichoke and white asparagus from a jar. Any veggies will do. Drizzle with ready-made salad dressing, a pinch of fleur de sel and a crack of fresh pepper... Salad à l'instant!

I've told you that eggs are your friends, haven't I? Well, they do cook up so nicely and make a great main course on those nights you just can't deal with a lot of cooking. Hump day, is that kind of day for me and quiche is my signature dish. Here I added some tomato (gotta make it healthy, right?) and herbed Boursin cream chesse (gotta give it flavor, don't I?) to the bottom of the ready-to-bake pie crust. Add a salad, a cup of (instant) soup, a slice of bread and butter and dinner is ready in less than 30 minutes.

Not much better for cooking inspiration, Thrusday nights. Tired and bone weary, a simple batch of béchamel sauce can top absoultely anything in French cuisine and be called dinner. It takes 12 minutes tops to make it. Add your own flavor twist: curry, nugmeg, fresh herbs, lots of cheese... It takes 1 measure butter (i.e. tablespoon) + 1 measure flour (another tablespoon) + 2 cups milk (any type). This here is the butter melted and the flour added. It's the texture you want to attain before adding the milk. on medium heat sitr with wooden spoon until thickened. Pour over: eggs, past, potatoes, endives, ham, leftovers.... add some grated cheese, broil for several minutes. Recieve standing ovation from all family members.

FRIDAY NIGHT - Pizza night... no good picture... I was too pooped, but I did assemble the meal! Not one of those frozen pizza nights. I used cream cheese instead of tomato sauce for a zippy change. It was a 3 cheeses pizza with a few grilled zucchini and peppers from a jar. Whew, are there any leftovers, I couold use some right now!

Low key night when there's no company coming or we haven't been invited anywhere. Perfect evening to play, "Who's Going to Be King" with the Galette des Rois. There are several varieties of these cakes, but this one is my favorite when the chocolate chips have been melted and served hot (That is an Anraud touch. Desert is always warmed before serving.). Kind of gives you that "Toll House Cookie" feeling... (sigh, childhood memories...). -- And no, I didn't get the fève (bean). I was neither king nor queen. But that's OK because we have got another 2 weeks to play this game. French Bakeries have become real capitalists when it comes to the season of les galettes des Rois. They've extended a one day tradition into almost a whole six weeks! That's almost as good as the Americans and their Christmas Season!

SUNDAY -- Yes, the day to simmer a 3 hour pot of meat and veggies, drool with the smells and take nap immedately following dinner.

Beef and Vegetable Stew in Red Wine Sauce. I slight twist on the Boeuf Bouguignon which only uses carrots and an onion. Prep the potatoes separately, they won't make the 3 hour simmering cut.

Follow with long nap.

That's all for tonight! Isn't it enough?

Bon Ap!


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