Mertric Measures

Metric Measurements might be very logical to those who were taught it from birth. But for an American, it’s all Greek to me! At least it was for years and years.

While the meter and the kilometre were easily enough assimilated, culinary measurements were a nightmare for me. I found the meter being close to the yard so at least I could say, “It’s 10 meters away” or, “It’s 100 meters away” (like the size of a football field?). Then there is the km which is something between 1-2 miles, (yes I know it’s 1.6 km to the mile) but when I used to run (stop pulling faces!) it was easier to count in kms. It sounded so much better to say I ran 5 km instead of saying, I ran 3.125 miles. See?

But the kitchen… Ai! Ai! Ai! Ai! What a nightmare. 120 grams? What’s that? And what the heck it a centilitre? OK, I got the millilitre, litre thing OK and how come we had to learn decilitres but no one EVER uses them over here in the land of “we invented the Metric System”!

To keep this entry short, I have gotten used to the metric system (albeit some very sad results for learning what exactly that system is!) and since I see that now my readership is international and not just American anymore, I’ve started giving my recipe measurements in American measures AND metric so that everyone can enjoy my concoctions.

I try to use common ingredients that would be easy to find in most grocery stores. But I haven’t visited half the world so I’m not sure what it’s like to shop at a German, South African or Brazilian grocery store. (I can ask about the British and Australian and perhaps Belgian or Italian but that is about it!).

I invite each of you to ask me to explain any ingredients you don’t understand. It would be my pleasure.


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