I HATE Wednesdays! (Another Life in France Entry)

I never thought that I could ever hate a day like I do Wednesdays in France! I know it sounds harsh but until you live, really live it, do you understand.

I wrote this whole venting thing about Wednesdays in France and being a woman, working and trying to tote children off to birthdya parties and after school activities.

Then my husband got on the computer and erased it by accident! Yes, I typed it in blogger without saving it and he closed the window not knowing.

I guess it's good because it was a whole entry on how frustrating Wednesdays are around here. Kids have no school or just in the mornings, so if you work, you get to juggle them and the job. Sure there is afterschool child care, and that is what we use.

But yesterday my son had been invited to a birthday party. 3-6 pm. I left work early so he could attend. Of course, I thought I'd get the gift on my lunch hour, but ended up working to get stuff finished before leaving for the day.

So it was a rush back home to pick up Pete and RePete, then the gift, then drop him off...

But now it's over. Another Wednesday laid to rest. It's Thursday (for those of you who can't get the days of the week straight!). For me that means, weekend just around the corner. I can start thinking of food since the V & D epidemic missed our family (minus my son). But that only lasted 24 hours. So that was pretty cool! (I mean very little puke to clean up!)

Yesterday, my colleague showed me this Cabbage Soup Diet that she's doing for the week. I'll blog it later, but it's worth an entry! Lose up to 3-4 kg in one week! That's somewhere between 6.6-8.8 lb.! Whew!

I say no more.

For now.


Anonymous Amber said...

OMG I hate Wednesdays too! ...and I don't 'work'... and it isn't a full day off, but I have to pick them up at noon. But I rarely feel it is worth my while spending the 3 hours of my day that it takes do get the kids ready for school and the school run for the 3 hours that they spend in class on a Wednesday!!

Looking forward to the Cabbage Soup diet! Maybe after a week of that I could get the D&V bug and double my efforts!! :)

4:37:00 PM  

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