Give me some time, extra time, because mine flies!

Boy, I thought it was something how fast Fridays come round each week with whiplash speed. I must admit that since my return from the States on 28 Dec has just a blur.

You might think, it's the jetlag? Nope. I only stayed a week, so my body was just completely off schedule from day 1!

You might think, ah yes, it's the children, getting them back to school? Wrong again. That was a piece of cake.

You might question if the office has suddenly picked up since our return, demanding quotes and new coverage for cars, houses, businesses or people. Nope. (Well, it is hectic...)

You might think, ah ha! She's finally started that exercise/diet regimen program with some gorgeous personal male trainer that keeps her burning 5000 calories a day, eating only 1500 in potion controled, home delivered Tupperware dishes and then falling lifelessly into bed at 8 pm. Nope. (not even a New Year resolution!)

Actually, since we've gotten back, I've done little more than entertain! Yes, between the English neighbors here for the week before the New Year, the New Year's Eve party (6 adults for two days), a dinner party of (again) 6 last Thursday, and a girlfriend for the entire weekend (a foodie, and an American like me!) you can imagine that I have gotten little more done than cook, clean, plan, serve, wash up and of course take pictures (while guests are waiting for their main course!) with my new digital camera I got from lovey dovey hubby for Noël.

Since I'm a bit technology-slow (think of Forrest Gump with a computer), I don't know how to add the pictures to the blog (yet). I mean they are in the camera, I just can't seem to get them out of the camera, yet. So you'll have to hold on the graphic, digital color art...

But I can make you imagine some of the food I've been eating for the past 10 days:

- Slow Roasted leg of duck à l'Arnaud (that's my husband) with herbes de Provence
- Sautéed Scallops in a whiskey sauce (sorry Allan, not your Kentucky one though it would have been fabulous)
- Anne's Secret Hot Crab Dip
- Baked Salmon with Creamy Tarragon
- Salmon & Spinach Rolled in Puff Pastry
- Homemade garlic Mayo (Arnaud creation)
- Oysters on the half Shell
- Smoked Salmon Roulade, chilled and serve with Cucumber
- des Galettes des Rois! (Frangipan and with Chocolate Chips!)
- Beef and Veggie Red Wine Stew
- Golden Quiche with Tomatoes and Bousin Cheese
-many cheese platters, fresh crusty bread and crisp endive salads with pungent homemade vinaigrette dressing
- a low cal day of homemade veggie soup, creamed, Chef's Salad... and a clémentine?
-more wine
- more champagne
-lots of fizzy water
-more coffee
(Peto Bismal? Nah! I'm a big girl... literally!)

Now where did that gorgeous personal trainer run off to?


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