Creamy Soups

No dairy but oh, so creamy Vegetable soups
By –Anne Dessens

We all love soup. Just go to the canned soup section of any grocery store to prove it. Every type of soup can be found either condensed, powdered or in its original form. Thinking of soups brings to mind a famous little jingle that everyone knows by heart.

Hearty, soothing, healthy, cheap, nourishing. All these adjectives can be substituted for ‘soup’. That is what soup is: good food, n’est pas?

Creamy soups silkily glide over our palates to satiate our cravings for sinful ingredients. But, you don’t need to add dairy to achieve that luscious texture. All you really need is a blender.
By creaming cooked soups, the ingredients whirl together to form milky soft spoonfuls of delight. No cream, no milk and totally lactose intolerant approved. Blend everything together for complete dining comfort. Or, remove a cup or two of vegetables first, then whisk. Stir them back in for a heartier version.

Sans cream, they are very low in fat. Only a bit of olive oil is used when sautéing the onion and vegetables.

This is how simple these soups are: choose a vegetable; sauté it with an onion and olive oil; add water and bouillon cube. Cover and simmer. Mix it all together and reap the benefits of your labors all within 30 minutes.

If your waistline is on your mind, this simple method is for you. Start off your meal with a bowl of low-fat, homemade cream soup. It will take the edge off your hunger and fill you with contentment. For lunch, add a wrap. For dinner, add a main course dinner salad. You will leave the table feeling gratified, light and most of all not guilty.

Fresh herbs refine the overall flavor. Gently sautéing an onion will fill the house with a sweet, mouth-watering scent. Add a few croutons or crackers if you are craving them. If you are feeling a little bad, top with a smattering of grated cheese. But only a smattering now.
Serve them hot, warm or chilled depending on the season. Few people turn their noses up a bowl of handcrafted goodness.

Click Here to get a few easy recipes.

For the Veggie Soup Basics:
-4 cups (use a teacup as a reference that holds 250 ml, or if you have large hands, 4 heaping hanful scoops) of chopped vegetable(s) of your choice make up the main ingredient. Mix and match vegetables. For example, two cups broccoli and two cups potatoes for a rich broccoli indulgence. Cauliflower and peas are a match made in heaven. Fennel and asparagus make a elegant duo.
-Use a hand blender and blend directly in the pot or transfer to traditional blender (or food processor) to get the desired creamy result.


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