That's right! We're back to that good old Friday night and Please the Entire Family Cooking! While I didn't blog it last week, I did indeed keep my promise of the Family Friendly Dinner: Fried Chicken and Homemade Mashed Potatoes. Followed by homemade brownies (from scratch!) with my daughter Sydney. (She had the day off from school.)

Yes, I know. It's obvious that Friday's are my "breakdown and turn to nurturing comfort foods from my youth" cooking days. Strangely enough, I got the hankering for fried chicken while browsing through a FRENCH cookbook of all places.

Please note, the French don't do Fried Chicken, traditionally speaking. My mother-in-law wouldn't know how to do it, however simple it is. So coming across it in a French cookbook threw me, annoyed me and finally enticed me to do it the American Way!

While the author strongly suggested French Fries with the chicken, I thought, "No!"

Coming from WV and bordering on that Mason-Dixon line (hey, I mean it is the Mason-Dixon Line! you know, that line that separated the North from the South during the Civil War?), we Moutaineers get to play it both ways: we're Southerners (at least through part of the Civil War -have your heard our accent?!) and we're Northerners (OK, brief history for those of you who don't know, we actually became an entirely separate state in 1863 because we agreed with the North on the War Issues, hence succeeding from Virigina).

Back to the Chicken Issue: in the South, Fried Chicken must come with mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits and coleslaw. (OK, maybe I'm identifying with an international fast food chicken chain that originated in a neighboring state -- know your geography?-- and who now claims on TV ads that it's Kitchen Fresh Chicken! -OMG! --major eye roll--)

My training is not Southern cooking (even if I agree with my mom on green beans, they should be cooked good and long with lots of bacon, a true horror for my Northerner of a father!), but I did do the chicken up right, really crispy and fried. (Oh alright, there's no picture from last week because I burnt one side of the chicken! It happens to the best of us occasionally, you know?)

My mashed potatoes were homemade though I cheated on the gravy (instant). I can't make biscuits without Bisquick (for some reason unavailable in France) and I was cold, so coleslaw was just out of the question!

I made up for it, homemade double chocolate brownies with candied orange peel....whew! I'm still working those off my thighs as I write this.

You know you hit your mark, when your French educated children take one bite of the mashed potatoes and gravy and exclaim, "Mom! We're eating America!"

Cha-ching! Score one for the family chef. Yes, my husband loved it! He had two helpings of everything though he ate his chicken and only he, ate his chicken with a knife and fork (très français; think of my colleague who eats her frozen cheeseburger at work with a knife and fork!). The Americans in the family did the American thing: we picked up our meat and ate it with our fingers, then licked them clean, smakcing lips accordingly.

I decided to go with the Fried Chicken (again) tonight but it sounded so good while typing this blog that I ended up making it for lunch. What can I say, my kids love it! andthey were coming home for lunch (again I'm in rural France, this is commonplace!).

I've added my own ingredients, for extra crunch and flavor. My Perfect Mashed Potatoes make a large batch, so freeze half because they come in handy in a pinch. Or when you're just plain tuckered out and the kids want something they actually like.

No mashed potatoes for us tonight though, I going with another potato favorite: Broiled Herbed Potato Wedges Fou. An (ever so slightly) healthier potato recipe, but that tastes "oh so sinfully good".

I'm expressly leaving out the Brownie Recipe, because, again, a truly American Classic, has made it to France and deserves it's own entry. Especially after getting a call from my sister-in-law... (TGBS...To Be Blogged Soon...)

Searching for the my recipes? Click on the highlighted recipe titles and I'll take you there in a click. Try : Fried Chicken or Perfect Mashed Potatoes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fried Chicken, Taters & Gravy, MMM what a treat. You really need homemade biscuits, though.

3:58:00 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

I totally agree! I'm dying for biscuits, light, fluffy, golden... MMM! Only 7 more days and I can sink my teeth into a dozen or so!

I'm going to have to bring back some Bisquick or learn a recipe how to make them from scratch.

5:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

I say you should learn to make them from scratch. :-D

6:09:00 PM  

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