Esprit Noël!

If you are wondering where I've been for the past week, it's simple: in the kitchen! I have done more recipe creating, testing, savoring, sampling (cleaning, photo-taking, dish washing, locating dusty baking dishes in the back of cupboards...) to put together some excellent special offers with Esprit de France Gourmet: Esprit Noël! And of course testing them out on friends and family.

It's the Christmas Season and gift- giving, decorating and cooking are on all our minds. While some of us dream of sugarplums (what are they anyway?), some of us dream of chocolates, free Christmas cookies from neighbors (if you've got the right kind of neighbors) or extended sit down meals where course counting becomes difficult somewhere between the gibier and the trou normand.

It's the time of year that I like having people in because the house is brightly decorated, there's a feeling of excitement in the air (I wonder who's coming to town?), and everyone is officially "off" their diets! (yours truly included). What would Holiday Season be if it were carrot sticks and lemon wedges? No a holiday in my dictionary. Rich, sweet, savory and down right fattening is the way the Holidays were meant to be enjoyed. New Year's and resolutions will be sneaking up on us soon enough.

So, to help bring around good cheer, festive moments and easy meal planning, I've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen using all the wonderful products available on our shop's website: www.espritdefrancegourmet.com.

Over 20 FREE recipes for your Winter Wonder Delight are available with our gift Sets. If you are not familiar with how to cook with fleur de sel, herbes de Provence, griotte cherries refreshed in kirsch or fig jam, then now's the time to find out. I've made it easy for you novices and innovative for you seasoned chefs.
Treat yourself, the family chef, to new ideas, savory meals and sweet endings. Learn about new products and sample new cuisine. Take the stress out of holiday cooking by indulging in our December Gift Sets.

It's a simplifed way of meal-planning and product shopping. Order a set: get the essentials and the recipes, start cooking in just a few days. Many of these recipes freeze well and it's early enough to get cooking and freezing before holiday fatigue sets in.

Recipes like: Chicken Provençale, Warm Endive Salad with Bleu or Filet of Duck Franboise. I've gotten sweet too. I've concocted Dark Chocolate Brownies with Griotte Cherries, Fig-Orange Cream Cheese Tarte and Raspberry-Pear Fondant.

If nibbling is your favorite way to go (and it's mine, too!) then I've put savory and sweet together in some great bread/cakes: Feta and Fennel Cake or a crowd pleaser: fig and Prosciutto Ham Cake.

If that doesn't tempt you, try this:

Filet of Duck Franboise

Feta and Fennel Cake

Cherry-Strawberry Confiture Tarte

Discover these recipes and more at Esprit Noël! 'Tis the Season to be cooking....


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