Time flies, it's TGIF again!

It seems that Friday comes around so fast these days that I feel like I might get whiplash.

No need to fret or worry I've got some great recipes ready to go here and be published on the recipe blog. Enough to keep you cooking for a whole week! (just what you need one week before Thanksgiving! ha!)

I've even got pictures. This is going to be a bit of an adventure to get them on my blog, but I've got them. Hang in there, you'll like my goodies.

Baking in the oven: veggie lazagna... warming on the stove: my lettuce soup. It's getting touched up for its picture debut.

Other tempting recipes on board: carrot salad, spinach quiche, leg of lamb and pear pie delight (a no leftovers winner!)

With a weekend before me and some recipe creating behind me, it's going to be an excellent weekend! Come back often this weekend because I'm on a cooking-marathon!

Bon Ap! --Anne


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