Sundays, always a special meal

There is nothing like a slow cooked dish that simmers for several hours, filling the house with warm smells and cozy anticipation for a sensational meal. That is how it should be on misty winter Sundays. Longer prepartion times for prolonged moments around the dinnertable such as the classic: pot-au-feu:

Starting off with a few veggies, a wicked dip and a class of white Bordeaux sec (dry white Bordeaux):

Followed up by an excellent crème dessert prepared by our 7-year old daughter: Délice de lait

picture by: Sydney Dessens

It will take a few hours to digest. Perhaps a nap, a movie with the family and a mug of French drip coffee snuggled on the living room couch will aid in that digestion. A voir!


Anonymous Tom Kennell said...

Tell Sydney I love custard

8:38:00 PM  

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