Not matter how you cut it, weekends were made for eating! (period.)

Now that is a title we all like to read, n'est-ce pas? I should probably add a subtitle of, And Weekends Were made for cooking because this is the time in the week where many of us gourmet chefs actually find the courage to peel, dice, chop, sauté and simmer (though I do a lot of simmering at work, it is nothing I can dish out at the end of the day!).

As a woman, working, loving wife and super Mom (italics mine only), finding the courage to cook nice cozy meals hits me on Friday nights, starting with something family-friendly like pizza. Yeah! A family movie and homemade or almost homemade pizza curled up on the sofa usually gets two thumbs up from the children and myself. (Actually, I personally give this meal a 4-thumber!!)

Yes, surprisingly, my French husband doesn't go bananas over pizza, and he doesn't live off of it when I'm away for any extended period of time. I'd like to chalk that up to differences in "cultural" upbringings.

What American didn't grow up thinking take-out pizza (in the cardboard box, of course, that smells like, well, pizza in a cardboard box) was a godsend? Did our mothers not make us think that this meal was special? A treat? Only for the worthy ones? Yes, take-out pizza or, take-away for the non-American Anglo-Saxon, is a typical weekend meal, concentrating on Friday or Saturday nights. And for good reason. What an excellent way to kick off the weekend, non?

That glutinous feeling of gooey cheese and doughy crust on that "nooo, this is not my 10th slice, only my 9th slice" overload, gives us (OK, moi) the feeling of guilt. Yes, guilt that I'm not cooking up something motherly for my family; guilt that I'm not making a more conscious effort to cook healthy.

Yes, herein lies the problem: How to cook sinfully gastronomtic meals that soothe the soul, satisfy the pallet yet keep the weight off and health high? The answer would be worth millions!

While many people have tried conquering that quest to optimum health and healthy eating with recipes and meals that keep people "on the wagon", none of them have worked for me in the long run. Why? Because I'm a glutinous pig? (Don't answer that one!)

No, I feel reasonably confident to say that it's not my fault, but those around me that make it hard to be healthy. I mean, lock me up in a cellar and toss down lettuce leaves and carrot sticks and I'd be skinny! skinny! skinny! It's the fact that my children aren't begging me for steamed anything and my husband isn't begging me for tofu (or pizza!).

So compromise is the solution. (I don't know if it will bring me millions, though I wouldn't knock it if it did. -hint, hint. Wink, wink.) I'll keep the really fattenting stuff for the weekends, healthier, faster cuisine for the work week.

Now, with that resolved, where's that 4 cheeses frozen pizza I bought to doll up with grilled peppers, more mozzarella cheese and lardons (French for bacon/ham bits) sorry no pepperoni in la belle France! (Hey now, what did you except? TGIF!!!!!!!!!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has all the rioting in France been over your blogs?

1:01:00 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Gee, if only I had such power over the common folk...(sigh)! Alas, I don't think any French people read my American English blog. But then, who knows? -- Anne

2:55:00 PM  

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