If you can't chew it, sip it!

Adding greens to your meal can be tough enough when greasy cheeseburgers, fried chicken and cole slaw or bean burriots are calling out to you in your car as you drive home from a long, tiring and stressful day of work.

I love salads, but can only stomach some many. It's cold, blustery weather and picking through chilled cucumber chunks, tough tomato wedges and dried grated carrots is not what I have in mind for an excellent lunch or dinner in late November. Sometimes just the thought of chewing and chewing and chewing "ruffage" (that what we used to call it before it became the glamous 'fiber') is unbearable when I could be snuggling up with a piping bowl of chunks of potatoes, beef and carrots in a thick stew.

Well, I still want fiber but I want cozy. My solution: creme de lettuce soup! While I had this soup for the first time a little over a month ago at a friend's house, I am fast becoming addicted to it. Lettuce + soup = happy tummy!

Funny, I thought the family would eat it dutifully once served to them without comment or excitement. What I got were rave reviews from the children and even my "meat and poatoes" husband. I think just the whole aspect of sipping our "greens" made for a warm change.

What happens when you blend the greens is magical. It becomes this creamy, smooth-textured soup that soothes the spirit.

Make a batch of this and sip it when you're having a low energy day. It's an excellent soup to make before a "eat all you can" holiday or the day after when you feel like something warm in your belly but you've stuffed too much in there the day before!

It's also a great way to finish up salad greens that are starting to wilt and look sad in that so-called crisper drawer in the fridge.


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