Délice de Lait

So simple that even a child could do it...! Milk, sugar, eggs and some custard cups make for a quick homemade dessert that will have the whole family clapping.

I stumbled across this recipe. My daughter's homework was to read this recipe. So what better way to practice reading that actually performing the recipes. I mean how many times do you have to read a recipe's instructions while preparing it? I do'nt know about you but me, about 10 times. I can never remember what the next step is.

Since my daughter needed to work on her reading (she's only in 2nd grade) we put it together. Since she loves to cook and "help mommy", it also took care of dessert for Sunday lunch. (A relief to me!).

I used soy milk here and it worked out fine. Also, if you can't find liquide caramel I suggest substituting maple syrup.

(Oh and if you want to call it a custard, go right ahead... but using warm milk that has been whisked, it's a lighter, fluffier version of custard.)


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