Artichoke pizzas on those nights where cooking...

Artichoke Pizzas
recipe and pictures by Anne Dessens

For those "can't be bothered with cooking" nights!

(Note: My recipes are now on the www.annecuisinerecipes.blogspot.com page. Still a novice to Webs, blogs and e-publishing, you can now click on the title to be taken strait to the recipe!)

This is a huge success with kids and is actually better the following day as a leftovers lunch. My 7 year old daughter and I fought over who'd get to eat this remaining one for lunch on Friday! Allow one "pizza" per person, they are more filling than they look. but I stronger suggest making a few extras for the heartier appetites or for a brown bag lunch the following day. If you're going to put any effort into it, you might as well be able to enjoy it again and again!

Add a bowl of soup or salad for a rounded meal. Follow up with a light dessert such as freshly sliced orange wedges, warmed homemade applesauce or fruit salad with a dollop of whipped cream.

This is one of those recipes that I heard about from one of my friends and never got around to making it. As I let it stew in the back of my mind, I made some adjustments to the orginal recipe and this is what came out after a harrowing week at work. Dying for some comfort food without any enegry on my part, these pizzas are fast becoming a staple in my diet.

Don't forget a salad if you're going to live off these babies! Got get more fiber than just that artichoke!

For a real "low maintenance" dinner, open a can of tomato soup, heat and serve while the pitas are in the oven. Finish off with warmed pears à la mode, a cup of camamille sweetened with honey and GO TO BED!


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