Weekends are made for friends, family and good food

It’s not hard to imagine spending a weekend with friends in France. Weekends are made for getting together.

Saturdays in France are a rush to get all the shopping done for the upcoming weekend. With Sundays as a closed day for all shops and stores, it's important to get everything done and stocked up in the kitchen; otherwise, Sunday can be a very long day if all you've got in the fridge are some sad looking celery stalks and molding leftovers from your last cookout! Saturday nights are most often reserved for company in France.

Eating out can get very expensive quickly if you add wine, a babysitter and parking to the menu. And with re-enforced breathalyzers, it's not a great idea to drink and drive (with or without the reinforcement!). This translates into many meals spent together in the company of friends in ones home. One person does all the cooking, everyone else chips to make sure there are no leftovers (golden rule number one in France!).

Saturday nights are the designated nights what with Sundays being a laid back, sleep in, catch up on the family time kind of day. We partook a few weekends ago in a nice friendly weekend at our friends' house in Montmorillon, about 45 minutes from the college town of Pointers and almost two hours from our house. With the promise of 5 more couples showing up plus free room and board for the weekend, it was a promising weekend of fine dining, good times and plenty of fun! And we weren't disappointed.

Although every other single couple backed out at the last minute, our friends spared no expense: lobster for first coarse, freshly shucked scallops on skewers, homemade apple pie and Mumm champagne, it'll be diet for a month after that! (That was a lot of lobster for just the four of us. We had to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day!)

Best recipes from that weekend? The baked scallops in butter crumb topping and the lettuce soup.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting life. Last weekend I helped my father-in-law run waterline to our house (he did most of the work). And it rained for 10 straight days. I have a cold. We're supposed to go to Grandpa Tom's and Grandma Jane's for trick-or-treating on Monday.
By the way How many chucks can a woodchuck chuck?

8:16:00 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

I thought weekends were made for Michelob.

Heh heh heh.

Just kidding.

Poor you, having to eat lobster for breakfast. When are you going to post the recipe, huh?

11:12:00 PM  

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