Changing Seasons

While summer's officially over and its rays have weakened dramatically, it's no reason to feel low or put out. Yes, summer is a wonderful time of the year. People in general seem brighter, happier and easier to deal with whether at work or in the neighborhood.

But there is something in autumn's air that brings about a certain cool excitement. Perhaps for some, it's starting back to school (though I doubt that is true for very many!). For others, it might be football season. For others, it might be the refreshing drop in temperature, leaving behind muggy nights and sweaty trips to the mailbox.

Whatever the reason, there is always something to look forward to at the turn of each season. (No I didn't mean for that to rhyme.)

Living in France, I have taught my stomach the French seasonal clock. This is a 12 month clock set to the fresh products that are available during their prime season. I'll be focusing on these great foods like pears, walnuts, soups, stews, vegetable bakes and much more.

It's time to get back into the kitchen and simmer up some love and comfort!


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