Fly By Summer!

It's amazing how quickly the summer flies by. Even when you have children full time at home. Despite the length of the days and the extended hours of sunshine, it's already August.

I know for many of you (Americans) it's coming round to "Back To School!" season while for the English, the French and probably most Europeans in general, it's "Official Summer Holiday!".

Beaches are plagued with blinding white, almost completely naked foreigners (and not the nice kind of naked either!) begging for a "fried shrimp" burn (rouge comme une crevette as the French saying goes -- red as a shrimp!).

Supermarkets are miniature traffic jams, where the shopping carts are used to hurt and run over.

Pedestrian streets are packed, shoulder to shoulder with fried crevettes speaking foreign languages.

Shopkeepers just want your money and couldn't be bother smiling or saying, merci!

And the roads. Let's not even go there! Crawling with slow English drivers, who are keeping a vigilant eye on staying on the right (I mean correct!) side of the road while French and German tourists are burning the rubber, the fuel and their vacation money trying to make it there in 8.4 minutes faster than last year!

It's good to stay home, surf the net where no UV rays can damage my skin, read about Life in Provence. Also I let my husband do the cooking, like grilling the meat, chopping the vegetables or invite myself round to the English neighbors, which involves no clean up, simply bringing a bottle of wine and a good sense of humor.

Wonder if they'll have one when they read this entry?


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