Back to the Beach!

For a food blog, I've gotten side-tracked. It's too much beach time. I'm only an hour away and it's so tempting with clear sunny skies and winny children. Have you ever noticed that children can scream their heads off about 4 feet from you at the beach, but what with the wind and the pounding surf, you -- hear -- none -- of -- it. Now that's a vacation!

As for food, it's been a diet kind of week. Well, Monday's lunch was, cucumbers in avocado dressing (homemade) that's it!; dinner was moules-frites out at a cozy bistro-like restuarant, (that's steamed mussels in a white wine broth and- not so diety- French Fries). A French classic combo and one I can't pass up when we're eating by the seashore.

Yesterday's lunch was more practical, leftover cockles with sautéed cauliflower and a bit of light cream for thickness, hmmmm. And last night was a 'got home late from work' (I work out of the office in my house and the walk through the dining room to the kitchen (20 steps) was a killer!); and I desparately need to go to the store so we're out of fresh anything! Even milk. So it was frozen pizza night.

But not just any kind of pizza, a McCains with a cream sauce instead of a tomato sauce and with lots of crisp veggies like broccoli florets and red onions (only two slices). A glass of red to finish the picture. Plain yogurt for dessert. Very low key. Very quick clean up too!

And who says that the French can't eat frozen pizzas when forced to?


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