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Please forgive me for writing two (in a row to boot!) about the same subject. I know that while this blog (and its space here after) is dedicated to all the actual cooking and recipes I put together, my other half (day job) is my business of importing and distributing my favorite products and kitchen regulars to Americans.

I'm really proud to be able to provide these gourmet food products to EVERYONE on this website that I built myself. I'm not a computer geek (not that that would be a bad thing) it's just that I'm not computer-enabled. Sure I can type (but have you not noticed all those typos staring out at you! Glaring, laughing at me?!)

HTML, javascript or other codes and scary symbols, well... scare me. (Even Excel goes over my head besides the simple filling in information!)

So if you do check out this site, you'll see, "I've come a long baby!" With the help from my webmaster friends like Alison and Allan. :-)


The Setting for it All:
Esprit de France was born in 2002 following a request for fleur de sel sea salt by my now, best customer. From there, we (my husband and I) built the business.

For years, I had been writing a food column for the Charleston, WV Gazette. There were many times I was using "typical" French ingredients that were hard to find in regular supermarkets or gourmet food shops in the States. We found some of these products and with the help of our supporting customer; we were able to launch Esprit de France and several wonderful, hard-to-find authentic French culinary products.

The Beginning of a Website:
Since then we've worked to build and grow. We exhibited at several gourmet food tradeshows around the US (Atlanta, SF, NYC). We have a wonderful customer base, mainly on the east and west coasts with a few in the Midwest and West. But we felt that we weren't reaching those who really needed us, those of us who don't live within an hour of NYC, SF or other major cosmopolitan cities.

Coming from Charleston, WV, having nurtured a love for anything European and Gourmet, it has never been easy to find these kinds products in my home town. But how could we do this? We needed a website.

There's More:
Today we proudly present to you our website: http://www.espritdefrancegourmet.com/ where you can find gourmet, hard-to-find food products (& more).

You can also find some of my recipes, ones using my products and other links to some great websites that center around great food, great times and the love of France & travel.

Come on over and take a Tour de France Gourmet-style!


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