Diet Day!

With the return of the scorching summer sun and the desire for grilling out, cold beers, chilled rosé wine and good tunes (last night) today is diet day!

Yes, one of those "we're not eating much today and I'm not cooking!" days.

When it's hot like this, I find it easy to stay out of the kitchen and focus on fresh fruits, lots of liquids and dream of a huge veggie salad.

Today's lunch: banana milk: 1 ripe banana (I've got 4 that have to be used up TODAY!) 1 cup milk. Blend together til smooth.

optional: handful of fresh raspberries
or 1 peach peeled
a drizzle of maple syrup for added sweetness
a few ice cubes for "icyness"

(kind of like a slim fast shake substitute).

One at noontime
One at 4 pm at snack time

dinner: plate of steamed cauliflower with "pumpkin seed oil" and fleur de sel sea salt
vanilla yogurt for dessert

and one long walk with the dog!
(now where is that blooming scale!)


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