Arnaud in the kitchen!

Nothing like getting home late while your hubby gets home early. That is what happened last Friday night. End result: he had the kitchen cleaned, dinner ready and drinks chilling.

(French slang for apéritif = appetizer, before dinner/meal drinks; a custom, a ritual, a national right!)

Since cantaloupe is in full ripe season, we always have a few of this French variety on hand during July and August. French variety are smaller, denser and perhaps sweeter. Sliced, it can be served alone or with one of the following as a starter course (always a starter course in France and never dessert!): ham, country, salt cured or prosciutto ham; port or porto wine...

For a change, Arnaud prepared it in bite-size chunks with freshly squeezed lemon juice. A tangy yet refreshing combination.

To Drink: Summer Malibu Punch: Ocean Spray Cran-Orange drink, a bit of vodka, a bit of Malibu Coconut drink, served with a twist of lemon wedge on the glass. Elegant, sweet, exotic, chilled.

I unfortunately can't give portions on that mix because Monsieur doesn't really know, he pours, stirs, sips, reflects. He pours, stirs, sips, reflects. So who really knows? Probably leaned heavily on the vodka...

Dinner was baked Monkfish and Steamed Broccoli. Of course he added a bit of white wine and crème fraiche, basil and sea salt to the fish for flavor. Again, a pinch here, a drop there. Portions are vague and he'll never be able to reproduce that dish in its entirety.

But we love him for taking charge when the chef is out of the kitchen and getting one hell of a sunburn on her back collecting cockles at the seashore!
Merci Cheri! Grosses bises XXOXX


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you certainly seem to have quite a nice life!

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