The soup's gone cold!

Well, it's about time I got back on this blog and wrote something, anything, just remind people that I'm alive! Yes, I am here and I've been in the kitchen daily, twice daily cooking up lots of different stuff.

No matter what I do, or where I go, I just cannot get away from cooking and wanting to eat. Hm! So much for bathing suit season.

So if you're interested, the restaurant idea has cooled its heels, I mean just think of all the work, and for what! Lots of work! Yes, I love to cook but to cook all day, EVERY day, I don't know... besides, I gotta be able to get back to the States whenever I want.

What's been keeping me froom writing is my daytime job, unpaid, because it's a startup, Esprit de France! that's my import and distribution business. Importing food products (what did you expect?!) from France and selling to retailers around the USA.

The latest thing, www.espritdefrancegourmet.com

I've got lots of recipes for my products, and I've put them on my website.

(And and picture of me and the hubby). check it out!

That's where you'll see the most of me. Until I get this rhythm of writing daily on this blog.

Thanks for reading!


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