Bright Shining Faces

Well, for starters, it feels great to get back into the kitchen and cooking! I drifted away from this grounding pasttime over the past 18 months. As my day job (it has yet to be a paying job) slowly dragged me to more time-demanding tasks, my meal plans received less and less attention.

I was buying more and more processed foods and prepackaged meals. My love for wholesome fresh foods like fruits and vegetables faded like the memory of a first love... bittersweet. And those warm, cosy personnally planned and lovingly put together meals that brought my family together in evenings turned into malnurturing events. There was less enthusiam coming from each of us as we sat down to "wolf down" a processed meal.

Oh those meals were very tasty, and filling (and fill-outing!) but they were totally deprived of caring. Empty calories I say. And over time, it took a toll on our health (more aches and pains and digestive problems), our bodies (you guessed it, pounds that snuck up on us and refused to leave our thighs and guts) and our attitudes (pickier and pickier palates and cravings that were never really satified). In short, a downward spiral all around!

But these past few weeks of returning to cooking just about EVERYTHING has changed so much in our household, including our appetites and our attitudes. We're eating healthier (and loving it!). The brightness is coming back in our eyes and we crave each other's attention and presence. We're getting better sleep and there is a calm and peacefulness that has settled back in to our humble home.

My husband and children are happy, content and fully satisfied. I love the time I spend in the kitchen connecting to my deepest inner cravings for complete and generous meals. They smell it when the come home, they see it on their plates and the feel it in their hearts. I'm spreading my love of food and family togetherness with them once again. Boy, does it feel great to provide for my family!


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Sounds great! I miss my mother's cooking!

You join my recipe blog as a team member if you want.

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